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Marie and Fran were great to work with. Marie took us around to many properties and helped us assess the value of our own home in thinking about putting on an addition versus moving to a larger place. In the end, we decided to move and Marie helped us find our perfect home. She also helped with price negotiations over the structural issue and some other complex P&S issues and recommended the contractor we used to fix up the new home.

Susan Boyer - Buyer

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

"I have not only used Marie for myself in my search for a home but have included her in my personal referral network where she has performed the same services for a few of my friends. Marie is a highly-regarded no-nonsense professional with exceptionally strong business acumen and the ability to please the most difficult of clients. She is staunchly loyal to her customers and earned my admiration very early in our relationship with her impeccable level of customer service. I highly recommend Marie for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.” September 16, 2008

Mark hired Marie as a Real Estate Agent in 2002 and hired her more than once
Mark Shura - Seller