Margaret Archibald Client Testimonial

Tom and Deb Semeraro Client Testimonial

Tom Casey Client Testimonial

Marc and Annette Epstein

Jim Spelfogel & Judy Dovev

"Marie made the stressful process easy for us. She facilitated the upgrading of the property, readying it for sale, including arranging for contractors and stagers. She went above and beyond by making many trips to stores to purchase (and return) items for the upgrades, and she invested many hours of her time in making sure that all the details were covered. Marie's stellar negotiating skills enabled us to receive a sale price significantly above the listing price. We received four offers a few days after the open house!"

Jim & Judy hired Marie Presti as a Real Estate Seller's Agent August 2016

Scott & Eileen Helle

"Marie Presti is the best realtor that I have used to date. I have bought and sold about 10 properties in the past 10 years and no one even comes close. We interviewed another realtor from Winthrop and were told that our house should be priced $100,000 less than what Marie got for us. She set the price for the house aggressively and had us professionally "stage" and clean. She then had a professional take many photos. Marie then had a brokers open house followed by back to back open houses. We had a bidding war with three potential buyers and all three bids came in above our asking. The staging was difficult on our part and some details did not make sense but Marie knows the business and will get you the best price for your home."

Scott & Eileen hired Marie Presti as a Real Estate Seller's Agent in 2014

Diana Leccese

"We were both the Seller and the Buyer!
Marie and I have been friends for years. She helped me purchase my second home in Waltham. When I told her I was ready to make a move to the Cape, she was not surprised. We started seriously looking this summer. However, after going through my scenario, Marie, was forward thinking enough to advise me to sell my current home first. Marie explained I would be in a better financial position if I had the Waltham house under agreement prior to making my new home offer. And she was right."

"Marie and Fran evaluated my home in Waltham and gave me a VERY long list of things to do to the home from removing furniture out of the house, to decluttering, to fixing a few things on the home itself. We went through the list, fixed a bunch of things and packed up a trailer full of furniture and anything to make the house look better."

"Marie and Fran added the final touch by having a stager come in. The stagers were great. They added lamps, wall art and even pillows and throws. They made the house feel warm, but neutral. I was very pleased with the outcome and I knew we were ready to list it."

They showed the house a lot the first week. Either Fran or Marie was constantly coming into the house for a showing. Then they did an open house.

We were really pleased to get 5 offers on the Monday following the open house. We had a nice range of offers and somewhere in the middle was a cash offer. Marie suggested we try to get the cash offer to come higher. When they did, we were ecstatic! We couldn't have imagined getting as much for the home and a cash offer with less risk (as Marie explained to me).

Both Fran and Marie helped out finalizing the deal with scheduling the smoke inspection and the water department and the walk through. Along the way there were a few requests from the buyer. In each situation, Marie or Fran recommended what should be done.

At the same time, they were helping me with the purchase of my new home including hiring a home inspector, negotiating the offer and other things, and then managing the walk through when the owners left a bunch of their stuff in the house. I really felt that they were helping me every step of the way.

The other factors that made this whole process easier was the teamwork between the mortgage broker, Justin Tulman, the Real Estate Attorney, Scott Sellers and Fran and Marie. I have worked with both Justin and Scott before on a re-finance, which were recommendations from Marie, but the team was stellar on the buying side as well. The communication between all parties made the process go very smoothly. Scott had his challenges with the title of our new home but easily worked through everything so closing was a piece of cake.

My husband and I just took them out for dinner to thank them for their hard work. I know that doesn't usually happen but I wanted to show them my appreciation for how hard they worked. My husband and I couldn't be happier; we are in our dream home. We wake up every day and just can't believe we did it, we're home!"

Diana hired Marie Presti as a Real Estate Buyer’s and Seller's Agent in 2012

Nancy Tanner
"In my opinion, Marie and Fran Presti, owners of Presti Reality Group ( are the BEST Realtors in the business. I strongly recommend their services to anyone buying, selling or renting a home.
They truly listen to their clients, go the extra mile to complete a sale, and offer a range of services.
I’ve had the privilege and good fortune to have Marie and Fran represent me on three transactions in three years.
First, they held my hand and supported me through the purchase and restoration of a big old house that needed lots of tender loving care. They were ruthless during the negotiations, and saved my boyfriend (now husband) and me thousands of dollars.
Second, they secured a three year rental of my condo, which remained occupied until I was ready to sell this year.
Third, they referred me to excellent contractors to get my condo unit ready to sell, creatively marketed my unit, completed timely sale, effectively negotiated with my tenant, buyer and her agent.
Marie and Fran are tops in their field, give back to the community and build/maintain lifetime relationships with clients." February 23, 2014

Nancy has hired Marie Presti as a Real Estate Seller’s and Buyer’s Agent in the past three years

Ken Kilduff

"Marie's efforts, dedication and knowledge of the real estate market where crucial in getting my condo sold in a very difficult market. Her attention to detail tthroughoutthe entire sale process made for a smooth close!” September 17, 2008

Kenneth Kilduff (client) hired Marie as a Listing Agent in 2008

Cathy Phillips

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

"I have known Marie for several years. When I started my real estate search, she was the first person I called. Working with a professional with high integrity that I could trust was critical to me. Marie walked me through the process as a first time buyer and always had my best interest in mind. I have now completed two real estate transactions with Marie, and cannot recommend her highly enough. Marie is a true professional and pleasure to work with.” September 16, 2008

Cathy hired Marie as a Real Estate Buyer's Agent in 2007 and as a Listing Agent in 2009

Mark Shura

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

"I have not only used Marie for myself in my search for a home, but have included her in my personal referral network where she has performed the same services for a few of my friends. Marie is a highly-regarded no-nonsense professional with exceptionally strong business acumen and the ability to please the most difficult of clients. She is staunchly loyal to her customers and earned my admiration very early in our relationship with her impeccable level of customer service. I highly recommend Marie for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.” September 16, 2008

Mark hired Marie as a Real Estate Agent in 2002 and hired her more than once

Cara lamakina

"Marie has helped us buy two homes and sell one. She was on-point, had a vision and helped us get to exactly where we needed to be when we needed to be there. With the sale of our home she made valuable, experienced suggestions, provided professional stagers, hired a professional photographer, marketed our property appropriately and had it sold within three months. We closed on our home two weeks after moving into the home we purchased, just enough time to get organized in the new home and move from the old one. Throughout both processes she connected us with knowledgeable people who helped make each transaction that much smoother. She took calls at all hours, was anticipatory, followed up with all requests and basically left no stone unturned. We would certainly work with her again and highly recommend her!” April 27, 2010

Cara hired Marie as a Real Estate Agent in 2003 and hired her more than once

Kristen and Nik Carlson