·       The Presti Group offers leasing and commercial services

         Pricing analysis – developed to help a landlord price a property to rent or help a business determine its lease affordability

·       Property scouting – will look for prospective buildings to lease or buy for businesses

·      Ongoing counsel – helps businesses and / or homeowners decide what to charge for rent, or a price for the property, as well as navigating state laws regarding escrow accounts and other aspects of a transaction

·       Marketing – properties to buy or rent are promoted through several channels

·       Document prep – works with attorneys to draft leases or purchase and sale agreements; also facilitates the signing process (The Presti Group uses electronic signatures when possible.)

   Credit oversight – ensures credit checks are carried out for prospective  tenants

·      Expert negotiation – will bargain for the best prices on clients’ behalf

·      Deposit collection – ensures clients obtain initial down payments