The Presti Group offers clients a wide range of services

For buyers:

·       "Wish list” development enables appropriate selection of properties based on buyers’ needs and wants – along with where they want to be

·      Market analysisproperties in the neighborhood are analyzed, along with other factors, to determine their true value (to prevent buyers from overpaying)

·      Pre-screeningsconducted before properties are shown to clients, to ensure they are presented with the most appropriate choices, saving them time

·      Personal showingsbuyers are accompanied during a tour with the seller’s agent and candid advice is provided after the showing

·      Alerts new listings are evaluated, screened and sent to clients on an ongoing basis

·     Property Inspection a thorough review of the home is overseen by The Presti Group to determine if additional negotiations are required based on its condition

·    Document prepall correspondence is written up for offers and other statements (digital and hard copy). The Presti Group uses electronic signature capabilities whenever possible.

·    Expert negotiationensures the best deal for the client when negotiating with the listing agent and the seller

·    Ongoing counsel this includes information and referrals for home inspectors, mortgage lenders and other stakeholders in the process

·    Education many clients are first-time homebuyers or haven’t purchased a property in many years, so the learning component is critical throughout the entire process

 Watch the video below to learn more: